Dead set Pensonic dvd player Cause and Solution

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We just receive a concern regarding a dead set Pensonic dvd player from our e-mail "I hit the power button and Pensonic dvd player don't come alive. I check also check the power cord, socket, and power source. What can I do now? And what would be the cause of this "dead set" issue".

What would be the possible cause of dead set electronic appliances?

  • Power supply not working properly.
  • Power supply is dead.
  • Power Cord might be broken
  • Transformer or "chopper" is corroded or burnt out.

What would you do?

  1. Try to check the power cord.
  2. Try to locate blotted capacitor and replace it.
  3. Check the transformer or "chopper" if not working properly replace it.(By Freelance Technician)
  4. Replace the whole power supply board. (By Freelance Technician)
  5. Call a nearest available Freelance Technician to do the 2nd to 4th Step. 

Samsung LCD Monitor Display Problem Solution

Samsung LCD monitor takes an hour before its display comes alive. What would be the possible cause of this issue and how to repair Samsung LCD Monitor with problem like " after turning on, it takes an hour before its display come alive?"

Possible Solution
  • Check for blooted caps and replace it.
  • Try to change all secondary capacitor.
  • Call a nearest available freelance technician in your area.


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