Friday, October 31, 2014

iPhone 6 v.s. Samsung Galaxy Alpha v.s. Sony Xperia z3 - Head to head review

So far in 2014, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Sony Xperia z3 Compact comes to be the best phones. With these head to head review for iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, and Sony Xperia z3 it will reveal their weaknesses from each other. If you have better review and concern against my opinion feel free to reach me using the comments area.

Apple iPhone 6
Base on designs comparing three phones with one another, the iPhone 6 has the best design with an Aluminum uni-body that comes so classy, even when holding it. 

Samsung Galaxy Alpha
While the Samsung Galaxy Alpha comes to be the thinnest among the three and featuring  the heart rate monitor.

Sony Xperia Z3
Finally, the Sony Xperia Z3, comes with 20.7 MP camera which the best among the three. You also need not to worry about taking photos under water, its featuring IP68 rating dust tight, and can resist water pressure beyond 1 meter for over 30 minutes, who doesn't like that?

Let’s look at the internal memory. Sony Xperia Z3 has 16 GB internal memory which comes Expandable via microSD card. While with iPhone 6 it has introduce in three variant to choose from, 16GB, 32GB, and 128GB internal media, however, it won't offer a slot for foreign memory cards. While Samsung Galaxy Alpha comes with an internal media of 32 GB, it also not featured the microSD slot for space expansion.

iPhone 6 v.s. Samsung Galaxy Alpha v.s. Sony Xperia z3 Weakness and Strength 

iPhone 6 nominated to have best design, Samsung Galaxy Alpha comes with thinnest design and exclusive feature, the heart rate monitor. While, Sony Xperia Z3 best feature list are; dust proof, water proof, front facing stereo speaker, and a 20.7 MP camera.

iPhone 6 weaknesses listed as the following, no chance to expand space storage, and low camera pixels to offer. Samsung Galaxy Alpha weak on low rating battery life and no chance to expand memory storage. While, Sony Xperia Z3 comes with smallest space storage and not featuring finger print scanner compare with the two.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Whom to Decide Blogger Online Succes or Failure: Currency of real online community

The currency of real online community and group is not greed but generosity.

Decide Blogger Online Succes or Failure
It is more on skills than with technical knowledge leads bloggers to success in social networking. However, technical skills will be your stepping stone that lead you to social networking to established. Yet it is how you behave in the social network's community whom to decide the succes or failure of the time you invest with. Regardless of which social media network site you choose, possibly which are popular by the time you were reading this. Each online community or group has its own norms for behavior, just like what we have in the real world. So, as part of that specific online community were you belong, it is your responsibility to learn and respect those rules if you want to be actively included in the group to prevent you from getting banned forever.

To become part of the community, you are require to include your basic social network profile. Also, uploading some photo of you comes to be important, because some online community moderator mark you as spammer if you don't. Here are the ten steps recomended of most online marketer to start using social communities as a powerful marketing armament.

  1. Invite a countless number of friends to get your social network started (it attract them if you are willing to share some of your earning with them or help them get on top). Practice using the tools of the social network to reach them. The ideal practice is to add friend on Facebook and write to their walls, but don't forget never do spamming. One more, respond to some questions in the LinkedIn answer section.
  2. Start engaging, publishing, and interacting. Get to know some – maybe all if you can. (That's the reason why your part of certain community.
  3. Be authentic. A big part of being authentic is letting the “real you” out to interact (don't pretend or assume that your something). Nobody want's to play with a “suit” so don't be afraid to be yourself (within profesional and legal limits, of course!). Mixing some of your personal and business sides comes more common it use to be.
  4. Only try to connect with others with whom you really do have a common interest. Indiscriminate friend request are “freind spam”. Friend spam are no more appreciated than e-mail spam or junk mail in the real world. Also, in other side, if somebody you don't know or not belong to community started to build and linking you, your own community or social network will soon be less valuable.
  5. Ask for help. Most social network and web community member are online to be social, and most are happy to help by sharing thier knowledge about how certain things works.
  6. Use the feeds service to keep up with your friends activities and braodcast your own stuff. Posting your own status constantly and cleverly is a great distributed engagement marketing tactic.
  7. Feed your blog posts in your profile page. This will automatically help keeping your pages fresh and ways to share your thoughts with new audience.
  8. Join with some groups – learn their nature and the tools of the network by using them and observing how user in that particular group use to be, try to fit in. Because, joining with some groups will also begin to create a natural communication with others that will grow over time.
  9. Be a good and involved citizen in online community were you belong to cultivate new friends. There's no better way to gain the respect of any community than adding value by sharing info, support, or companionship – and these practice will amplify the effect over time. If you are an expert, social networks are a great way to spread your reputation for that cloud of xpertise.
  10. Create your own group online. Once you are comfortable and you know what you're doing, start a group around your product or brand. Position yourself as an expert resource and offer to help and facilitate community. Online community or group members usually proudly display the names of the groups to which they belong on thier profile page. This can lead more traffic and clicks and members as other see your group name or logo on friends and in their feeds.

Those guide will help you make friends on social networks and begin to position you and your brand to attract more attention. If you participate in the parts of your choosen network, communities, or group that are populated by your most likely visitor that convert into customers, your product presence and reputation cloud will start to gain magnitude to spread.

However, just as it's hard to make cocktail party conversation about your blog if your frequent posting is like selling gloves. It can be difficult to get audience attention on Facebook and MySpace if you blog with less chatter-worthy. Try to read the opposite way, however, this same analysis suggests that there is a huge opportunity.

With these factors can help increase the growt of your personal reputation cloud and your marketing messages.

First, as marketer, you should be creative or unusual products that are worth talking about, atleast among enthusiast.

And lastly, a conscious effort to entertain the audience and encourage word of mouth.

If you follow these, you soon see that my case study examples of succesful social network marketer gain both of these important factors in common.

It is very important you to know that a social networks were started to help individuals socialize. As they grown, members have begun to gain huge and attractive audience. Because for my own opinion, online groups and community were designed to help each to achieve one goals.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Common Pitfalls of Social Networks

Since the social networks are free to use, it has a danger beneath. It is the total waste of time investing in their use. Here are the list of some details on that and other very common pitfalls:

Common Pitfalls of Social Network
Time suck: Common social network active user spend a more time online. Commonly young (teens), single with apparently have a few obligations. With plenty of free time for socializing, social media comes to be a part of their lives. Therefore, they are willing to invest countless time into social network sites than you can afford or want to afford, especially given the potential inconsistent ROI from social media marketing.

Conduct Unbecoming: Mixing business and social lifestyle can also direct to hardship. If you really want your business contacts to automatically be altered that you've posted your out of town photo online (especially those picture of you drunk on the beach)? Those scenario may deliver some negative feedback from your clients or readers.

Over-disclosure: The internet or web memory is long or possible it is permanent. You need to think first about anything you post online, especially if it waded the line between social and business. There are countless number of stories day by day about job applicants losing out on their dream jobs because of the risque or otherwise not appropriate materials that company HR found on their social network pages (Facebook or MySpace page). Also, prosecutors used MySpace and facebook party photo's to get longer jail sentences for drunk driving convection too.

Friends Overload: This is a variation of the time suck issue I mention earlier in this blog post. This is where you connect with so many other social media users online that you can't keep up with all the updates. Your real relationships get lost in the noise. These also the reason why user leads to log off entirely or quit and start over again with new account ( it leads of losing much of the brand equity and network of contacts that they had worked really hard to establish). This is why I advise getting started as soon as possible but taking it slowly once you're active on social network sites.

Don't Spam: If you hear "spam" what the first thing comes to your mind? Spam is usually refers to unwanted promotions, such as e-mails, blog commenting and a lot more. All these new ways to communicate via social networks offer you many ways to annoy people. Yes, you can use these tools for promotional outreach, but never be evil - spam, spam is still be spam no matter what. And spamming is a cyber crime.

Social media can help you control the message

Another reason why social media networks are critical to modern marketers is that social network pages appear highly ranked in search engine results. Search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing will pick up everything you have in your social network site weather you will like it or not.

So, creating a profile on a social network in addition to your own blog-site gives you an additional point of products presence. Its another credible, public website where you can control the message displayed in search engine result to potentials customers who search for your company name or products online.

Monday, October 27, 2014

DIY Guide Reseting iPad 6 to Factory Default

Every day I receive a message from my inbox asking, how to reset my iPad into factory defualt. With this, I came out whit a question, why I dont write it on my blog and publish it online so everyone can have the access. It came out with a title "DIY Guide Reseting iPad 6 to Factory Default".

Apple iPad
Here's a very brief step by step "Do It Yourself" or DIY Guide on how to reset an iPad into factor default settings. If you do it yourself you do not need to pay somebody in the shop to do it. And if you correctly apply this DIY guide, every files you save, photo's, music, and all files will gone. It include the settings and data, it will go back into the state when you bought it.

Why should I Reset my iPad?

You can reset your iPad to get rid some common problem encounter. This problem may a result of an installed app or software. So why should you reset an iPad? Simple, to get rid all the data resulting problem and bring your life back with your iPad. Again it will run so smooth like brand new.

But keep in mind that resseting your iPad into its factory state doesn't give a negative effect. It just take off all your data and bring it back to factory default settings "Brand New State".

How to reset an iPad.

1st Step
reset an iPad, iPad Reset Settings

On your gadget display, look for iPad settings, then tap on "General" on the left window pane and scroll down and find the "Reset".

2nd Step
iPad erase setting
On reset setting you'll will see number of options to choose from. If you want everything on your unit to be wipe off, then you tap on "Erase all content and settings" option, it take sometimes to delete all your data and bring your iPad into its factory defualt settings. This also the option before giving your iPad into someone you didn't know. However, if you want to keep your data you must select and tap "Reset All Settings" option.

Final Step
Reset iPad final Step
Once it succefully reset into it factory defualt settings, on your screen it appear asking you to be plugged into iTunes.

That's all, hope it gave solution to your problem and your iPad comes running smoothly as it was new.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Internet Marketing is your Future

world wide web
Where on the digital road, we move from web portal to social media site, makes marketing a constant change. And if you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.
You need to learn to love the internet! Why? Because it’s more cheaper but with wider reach than ever before, because everyone coming online.

Don’t tell me that you don’t see it at the moment, the Web, the e-mail, the social media are extending further into your life all the time. Mobile browser and android apps bring google, yahoo, bing, facebook and more social media sites in your pocket. BlackBerries comes with e-mail in the middle of your asleep and twitter bring constant update from the people you barely know.

Just think five or two years from now, the display in your living room, or even your car windshield will continued to grow, as will those on your desktop. In fact you’ve probably have five or more screens at this moment. This includes, your mobile phones, tablet, camera, laptops, and with one that installed in your car. Your gadget will serve you as your Personal Assistant, that will get faster and more powerful so that they combine phone, e-mail, web browsing, iPod, camera, full streaming video, live chat, and so on all the time everywhere. Even in your car, on long-haul plane flights, your kid’s classroom, and pocket as well. This means opportunity for those who embrace the change and unique ways in which they can extend brands and message into people lives.

Increasingly targeted marketing messages of today are better than ever at anticipating consumers interest. And the day after today will be better still. The tremedous, nationwide, or even worldwide reach of your business has also changed the ways in which customers expect to be able to interact with you and your products. You have all the opportunity to take advantage to stand out and enhance your relationship with your customers to differentiate your product from competitors, and make more sell out.

Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara Review

2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara
From the dusky, unpaved road of a far-flung country road to the busy avenue of a cosmopolitan city, the Grand Vitara can traverse any road imaginable with comfort and class. It's powerful engine and superb suspension system is more than enough for a true SUV riding experience.

Head Light.
Illuminate longer and wider area, improving driver's visibility.

Fog Light.
Provide a wide flat beam aimed low to increase the illumination directed towards the road surface in conditions of poor visibility, reducing the glare back from fog, rain or dust.

Front Grill and Bumper.
Seek front grill and bumper that accentuate it's classy but sporty look.

Rear Spare Wheel.
Grand Vitara comes with a spare wheel. Mounted on the rear of the vehicle, providing better luggage space, and easy access in any situation.

Sophisticated Interior Design.
Grand Vitara's lavish interior space was specially designed with every attention to details for that discriminating taste in style, comfort and vehicle technology.

Keyless Entry System.
Go keyless, lock and unlock your Grand Vitara via the remote sensor in your key. Pressing once opens driver's door. Pressing again unlocked all doors.

Meter Cluster.
Information display are fully integrated, making it easy to read and adding enjoyment while driving the Grand Vitara.

Automatic Air Conditioning.
Set and forget system that ensures maximum comfort and enjoyment for all vehicle occupants. The air conditioner adjust itself as needed to maintain a pre-set temperature.

Power Windows and Mirrors.
With practical door mounted controls for ease, operation, added comfort and convenience.

2014 Suzuki Grand Vitara Specs

Model name

Grand Vitara
Body Type

Metal Top

1.6L VVT
2.4L VVT
Drive system

Number of doors

Overall length
Overall width
Overall height
Minimum turning radius
Minimum ground clearance
Seating capacity
Fuel tank capacity

M16A (1,586)
J24B (2,393)
Maximum output
Maximum torque
Fuel distribution

Multipoint injection


Ventilated disc

Drum leading & trailing
Ventilated disc

MacPherson strut with coil spring


Kerb weight
Gross vehicle weight

Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 Peugeot 3008 Review and Test Drive

Peoguet 3008 Micro Hybrid Cars Ph
2014 micro hybrid Peugeot 3008 can travel more than 28 kilometers per liter of diesel mix driving. 

The new 2014 Peugeot 3008 introduce in three variant to choose from; 1.6 eHDi Active, 1.6 eHDi Allure, and the 2.0 HDi Allure. All models comes with front-wheel drive-train and a 17" alloy wheel with tire size of 225/50 R17.

Suspension Front and Rear
A MacPherson type with drop link anti-roller bar for its front suspension while a multi-arm connected by a cross-member and anti-roller bar for its rear suspension.

Spare tire
For spare tire, both 1.6 eHDi Active and 1.6 eHDi Allure comes with steel wheel with standard tire. While the 2.0 HDi Allure an alloy wheel with standard tire.

The 3008 Peugeot 2014 model transmission for both 1.6 eHDi Active and 1.6 eHDi Allure, a 6 speed automatically controlled manual transmission with stop system and paddle shifters is installed. While the 2.0 HDi Allure comes with 6 speed automatic transmission.

Safety Features
When it comes with safety features, the new 2014 Peugeot 3008 has 6 airbags installed. It's driver front and side, front passenger front and side, and two curtain for rear passengers. Also, a standard issue Electronic Stability Program ABS, DSC, ASR, and Four-Wheel Discs Brakes where install. Plus, the auto-lighting and daytime lights.

For both 1.6 eHDi Allure, and the 2.0 HDi Allure, a rear parking sensor, tire deflation indicator, immobilizer with theft protection alarm system, automatic central dead locking and a standard distance alert has been installed. While immobilizer and standard central locking system for 1.6 eHDi Active.